In November of 2023 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of my Limited Edition Prints!

For the first time in a long time, to celebrate this milestone, we added a whole host of new paintings to the Limited Edition Prints collection, including an entirely new category featuring the Spanish theme.

For a whole 10 years happy customers having been treating themselves, loved ones, colleagues and friends with a collectable for Christmases, birthdays, retirements, (you name it!), and it was and remains a real journey to get to this point.

Here I tell the story, and celebrate this rewarding part of my artistic journey…


To say that 2023 marks a decade of ‘Gerard M Burns prints’ isn’t technically true. 2023 does mark a decade of my prints and the collections website in its current form, however the first official print of any of my work came a long time before. When I was still Principle Teacher of Art at St Aloysius College I created a number of watercolour paintings of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and when I left this post to pursue my art full time in 1999, one of the first things I did was to set up a large print series of these watercolours entitled ‘The Glasgow Collection’. This series was the first of the official Limited Edition Prints. However – slightly inexperienced at the time – these prints never really reached their potential, and in actual fact there are still quite a number of them in my studio today! Who knows, perhaps a re-release?

For various reasons there was a fairly large gap between this first foray into the print business and eventually returning to it properly with reproductions of my oil on canvas work. Initially it would come in the form of one or two prints for a client who had commissioned a portrait and wanted prints of it for loved ones… or perhaps when an early champion of my work had the vision to see what the work could do for their office space. It didn’t take too long however for myself and wife Ellen to see the potential ourselves, and in 2013 Ellen officially created the Limited Edition Prints website, an online store for anyone and everyone to purchase and enjoy.

We’ve come a long way since then, painstakingly fine tuning the process and honing the quality, all in the hope of replicating as far as possible the ‘feel’ of the original work. And anyone who has purchased or looked onto one of my prints knows that this is exactly what has been achieved.
The credit for this is shared by the wonderful printers we are partnered with – Deadly digital in Glasgow – as well as my wife Ellen who initially nurtured the business, and more recently by my daughter in law Libby, and son Patrick, who now run the online store.

These Limited Edition Prints have gone far and wide over the last 10 years. They have been a main feature of hundreds of Charity balls and functions, helping to raise thousands of pounds for countless worthy causes. They have adorned the walls of many offices spaces, show homes and shopfronts; decorated the walls of cafes and restaurants throughout Scotland, including Eat on the Green in Aberdeen, Hugh’s in Rutherglen, and formerly Guy’s in Glasgow City Centre, and they are still the main feature of the executive ‘Upper Deck’ lounge at Glasgow Airport, recently having underwent a large refurb and update on prints on their walls.

The magic of the Limited Edition Prints, and what makes them as important as any other part of my output, is their ability to ‘bridge the gap’ for anyone wishing to start a collection, but who isn’t quite ready yet to spend the asking price for an original. They also provide a great option for anyone wishing to gift a piece of my work to a loved one or colleague…..where an original might be pushing the boat out just a wee bit too much financially! 😉

With the most recent addition of our “Spanish Collection”, the Limited Edition Prints continue to grow and develop. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to check those out yet, please remember to do so.