Fairhill Summer Exhibition 2021

Watch Gerard’s Introduction


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Fairhill summer exhibition 2021.

I have created two video walkthroughs of the exhibition, seen above, for you to view the paintings featured in this year’s show. If you are interested in any of the work in the show you are of course very welcome to come and view them here, or if you prefer our team will be more than happy to bring paintings to you on approval to view in your own home, whichever suits you best.

Please remember also that paintings priced at £3500 and under are now available to buy directly from the website, simply click ‘Enquire’ under the painting and you’ll be taken to our ‘Collections’ website where you can make the purchase. As always if you would like to contact me regarding your interest in a painting then please do so by filling out our contact form quoting the painting name and number and I will get back to you. Current coronavirus restrictions allow us to accommodate people here in relatively small groups, so given that this is a big house I’m confident we’ll be able to organise that with proper social distancing etc. What I would ask however if you do fancy coming out to see us is that you drop me an email (gerard@gerardmburns.com) and we’ll organise a time slot for you in advance, just to make sure that the house never gets too busy over the weekend.Look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes


The Exhibition